GAPID has the ability to export a captured trace as a video.

This feature is only available via the command line tool gapit.


  • A previously captured trace file ending in *.gfxtrace
  • Either avconv or ffmpeg encoding libraries on your path (for regular video encoding)
  1. Launch the command line interface.

  2. Note the path in which gapid was installed. e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\gapid\ on Windows; /Applications/ on Mac OS X; or /opt/gapid/ on linux.

  3. Run the following command

    $ <gapid_install_path>gapit video -out <output_path>.mp4 <path_to_tracefile>

    a. If you wish to instead output all frames as individual images you may instead run

    $ <gapid_install_path>gapit video -type frames -out <output_path>.png <path_to_tracefile>